GroGeo: The Future of Controlled, Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation 

With over 100 years of combined cultivation experience, the founders of GroGeo are pioneering a state of the art smart greenhouse using an innovative permaculture* ecosystem designed for cannabis cultivation–incorporated with expert organic cultivation techniques. GroGeo smart greenhouses bring together the best designs employed worldwide–creating the most advanced and reliable model for growers’ current and future needs in a single smart greenhouse. Our focus is efficiency. That is why we have designed state of the art smart greenhouses able to control the indoor environment by harnessing renewable resources: temperature, humidity, air flow, wind, sound, light, dark, & shade. GroGeo smart greenhouses create the most optimal atmosphere for the cultivation of a premium product with a first in the industry zero carbon footprint.

GroGeo is an industry pioneer, providing a state of the art smart greenhouse & superior cultivation techniques in the best possible growth environment at the lowest possible cost of production. 

Because of the exorbitant energy costs inherent to indoor cannabis cultivation, growers have moved away from warehouse growing, giving rise to a significant outdoor and traditional greenhouse cannabis cultivation industry. However due to the uncontrollable nature of environmental elements a premium quality cannabis product cannot be guaranteed with outdoor and traditional greenhouse cultivation. While traditional greenhouse cultivation allows growers to have greater control over the environment, the problem of cost still exists. GroGeo solves this problem by combining the superior characteristics of an indoor growth environment with the benefits of natural energy to maintain a low cost, premium product smart greenhouse.

GroGeo’s permaculture smart greenhouses offer the most advanced and reliable model for growers’ current and future needs.

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GroGeo provides an opportunity for cannabis cultivators to remain or become successful in one of the fastest growing businesses in the country where the competition is being driven out by high operating costs and competitive pricing. Because GroGeo smart greenhouses are completely self-contained, we don’t waste time or money dealing with the problems posed by nature which impact quality and yield – problems facing outdoor, warehouse and traditional greenhouses on a daily basis, affecting their “bottom line.”

Design Mechanism

With the expansion of legalized cannabis cultivation have come necessary environmental protection requirements. In response, our team of engineers and architects at GroGeo have created the first bunker-style, sustainable greenhouse utilizing geothermal energy, gravity, solar and wind power to control temperature and humidity, thereby creating the perfect growth environment – a smart greenhouse – with a completely offset carbon footprint.

The style and design of a GroGeo greenhouse is a hybrid of the most favorable techniques used in indoor cultivation – temperature control, humidity, filtered air, and/or hydroponics/soil with amendment – combined with specific natural energies – solar, gravitational, and geothermal. This unique synthesis of natural energies allows cultivators to maintain ideal conditions while eliminating energy costs and making the facilities’ carbon footprint virtually invisible.

Smart Building – Superior Technique – Controlled Environment – Cost Efficient

The site of our first GroGeo greenhouse and joint venture is Pueblo, Colorado. A dearth of environmentally compliant cultivation facilities has created an opportunity for GroGeo to showcase our premium services. However, GroGeo is not limited to Pueblo, we continue to pursue client relationships, and offer consulting services and leasing opportunities throughout Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California and other states and municipalities that have endorsed cannabis cultivation and its pharmaceutical benefits. Moreover, as the need for environmentally compliant facilities extends across the country, GroGeo will expand our services nationally.

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HYBRID GROWING – GroGeo offers a lowest possible or near zero footprint facility with optimal indoor conditions, powered by the energy of the sun.

 *Permaculture is the development of agricultural ecosystems that are sustainable and self-sufficient.